Who We Are

"Digging History" is a research team that was founded in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania by two friends who have a common interest as history buffs.  We decided to form Digging History as a means for local history organizations to recover historically significant artifacts that may have been lost to time. 

Co-founder Jonathan B. is a U.S. Navy veteran and career failure analysis engineer.  Originally from Delaware County, Pennsylvania (one of the most historic counties in the state), his hobbies include hiking, hockey, metal detecting, historical research, and numismatics.  His primary function with Digging History is as a site scout and webmaster, and his recent move to the Bethlehem area sets him as the northeastern representative. He can be contacted by email at jonathan@digginghistory.net.

Co-founder Scott K. was born & raised in Tioga County, Pennsylvania and considers himself best as a tinkerer.  Scott's hobbies include sports, classic vehicle restoration, building motorcycles, carpentry, metal detecting, and historical research.  His primary function with the team is in public relations and site identification, and he serves as the MontCo/BucksCo point of contact.  Scott can be contacted by email at scott@digginghistory.net.

Team member Jesse W. is Digging History's Delco/ChesCo area rep.  Jesse has a background in computer programming, amateur radio, and his hobbies include music, metal detecting, and history.  Jesse is also the lead drummer of the band Season of Mourning, who just released their third album. Jesse can be contacted at  jesse@digginghistory.net.

We have other friends and groups we occasionally & temporarily partner with as our interests coincide.

Compensation Policy

As a non-profit research team, we generally do not require any payment for services rendered or items donated. Our standard negotiation is for coins found during site surveys, or glass items removed from dump sites but not deemed historically relevant for donation. Regardless, terms will be specified prior to authorization.  Any items Digging History members elect to keep will still be cataloged and photographed for future reference.

Digging History will not - individually or as a team - be responsible for any costs associated with any sponsored project or requested activity, direct or reimbursed. If we choose to cover anything it will be out of our pocket at our discretion or as a means to ensure our own individual participation. 

If you wish to enlist us to help you survey and clean up a site for restoration, you will guarantee total cost coverage. We will only provide labor efforts and are free to terminate any labor effort without notice.