Digging History makes every effort to conform to the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (USC Title 16, CH 1b).  In summary, artifacts of historic significance recovered on public land are donated to relevant historic preservation organizations when applicable - items found on private property with owners' consent are donated at Digging History's discretion. Please note that ARPA excludes coins as historic artifacts.


As an autonomous research team, Digging History does not hold any property owner liable for our actions unless actions or neglect on the part of the owner or its agents/representatives personally contribute to serious injury or death of our team members Digging History waives the liability of any owner on whose property we conduct our activities.


Most often, we will contact the nearest history organization if we believe we have found something of historical interest, and the receiving organization's participation in our activities may be limited, if it so chooses, to the acknowledged receipt and our finder's credit for any artifact we donate.

At our discretion we also may engage in organization-supported activities upon request, but for the most part, our own interests take precedence.  Accepted requests for Digging History assistance guarantees only the accepting member's participation. We do not "assign" projects to team members; members participate in activities of their own choice.  Therefore, there is no guaranteed delivery time for services rendered.


Other Sites & Organizations

It has recently come to our attention that there are other "Digging History" websites out there that may be similar to ours.  We are in no way affiliated or associated with any of those other organizations, and any similarity between us is purely coincidental.  Our starter website,, was dismantled upon completion of this new site & domain.

Popular Television Shows

Please do not automatically categorize us with the incorrect representations of our hobby that TV networks have recently been broadcasting. Most of the experienced metal detecting community is actually nothing like the actors portrayed on television.  Those shows depict reality television characters that must appeal to an audience, and therefore their antics and terminology do not genuinely reflect those whom they imitate. 

Code of Ethics

This code of ethics is a variant of the generic Code that most genuine, experienced hobbyists adhere to.  Inexperienced and/or youth hobbyists may not be aware of it, or choose to ignore it, and they will reap their own karma.  Please do not judge the entire hobby for the actions of a few.

Respect the LAND
We strive to leave the area as we found it.

Respect the LAW
We will obey any and all applicable or posted laws regarding our hobby.

We will always be considerate to property owners and/or local authority, and act in a professional manner towards others.