Digging History's Upcycling Projects

Members often come across old material that may not be useful for fulfilling its original purpose but is not ready for the trash heap yet.  We take those materials and "upcycle" them into something useful or decorative.  Most items shown are previously customized examples that can be replicated on commission. All buyers are responsible for shipping costs unless negotiated otherwise. Please contact the creative member using the contact info given below.

Jonathan's "String Theory"


Jonathan procures a variety of antique and vintage materials for use in his home decoration crafts, as well as upcycling discarded decorative furniture. His primary craft is using string and nails to create elaborate scenes and abstract images on recycled wood.

Scott's "Glad You Asked That"

Scott's workshop has turned out some great upcycled decorative furniture using vintage wood. He has some pretty creative wine racks and accent furniture!